Hearing Protection – Time to Take Notice

Time to Protect Your Hearing

Hearing once lost, cannot be fully regained!

There are signs all around reminding us that summer is in full swing! You will see road and building construction, the Fourth of July fireworks and outdoor rock concerts. All are signs that families are enjoying summertime activities…and all are very noisy.

What you may not know is that noise-induced hearing loss can be permanent. The damage to the ear cannot be repaired, but there are options to improve the hearing. For example, hearing aids have become much more innovative and many have improved, contemporary and discreet designs.
According to research, one in 10 Americans has hearing loss that affects the ability to understand normal speech. While we know that with age, hearing may be affected, but what we need to understand is that exposure to excessive noise also can damage the ability to hear sounds in high pitches.

Many young folks that listen to music using ear buds can expose the ear to very high volumes and can damage hearing, which often cannot be repaired. That situation is totally preventable and it becomes about awareness to the younger generation. Simply wearing earplugs when attending loud events can protect the ear from permanent damage.

Below is an illustration of registered levels for common sounds.

In general, sounds above 85 decibels are harmful, depending on how long and
how often you are exposed to them without hearing protection.

FREE Hearing Screenings

If you have been exposed to loud sounds, now is the time to check your hearing health! We are offering FREE Hearing Screenings through our Mission 1 Million Program. If you have not been tested in many years, it is time for you to have a hearing screening.

And the Winners Are….

If you read our email newsletter last month, you may remember seeing our charitable giving goal in May to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month. At Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, it was our goal to offer FREE hearing aids to those in need who could not otherwise afford them and all we asked was for nominations to be made on our Facebook page with a reason why the nominee should be chosen.

We received 11 nominees and have decided to go ahead and help all of the nominees with their hearing. All of our audiologists will be working with these winners and donating their time to help them gain the ability to hear again. We are extremely grateful to ReSound for donating all these hearing aids to these patients in need. Thank you all for submitting nominations and for your thoughtfulness and care to others!

Our winners are: Annie Isaac; Carol S; Ashley Hunt; Donna Neri; Angie Waite; Natalie Heywood; Katherine Morrison; Jeremy Davis; Cheryl Dykes; Tyler Dove and Oscar Reyes. Please call us at 480-451-0220 to schedule your free hearing screening to get started.

We look forward to seeing you soon!