Time to Turn Down the Noise

Time to Turn Down the Noise

In last month’s Email Newsletter, we discussed the fact that noise induced hearing loss can be permanent. This month, we would like to offer a few suggestions on ways to protect yourself from the sounds around you.

The World is Noisy

Our world has become too noisy. We all have known the dangers of occupational exposure, but now non-occupational noise exposure has increased enough so that it is a public health concern. Did you know that all it takes is brief exposure of just 30 seconds or less to very loud noise to cause permanent auditory damage? Sound levels of 100 to 115 dB are now common: music via headphones or earbuds, car chase or explosion scenes in movies, sports fans in a stadium, the background noise in popular bars or restaurants, retail stores or malls, or even birthday parties, weddings, or other celebrations. Noise is the only preventable cause of hearing loss. The louder the noise and the longer the exposure, the greater the chance it will cause hearing damage.

What YOU Can Do

It is very difficult to regulate loud noise in public areas, just as it was difficult in a smoking environment before the non-smoking bans went into effect. People have the right to smoke or listen to loud music, but they don’t have a right to make others breathe their smoke or hear their noise. The Hearing Health Foundation is suggesting that if people start complaining to enforcement authorities and elected officials so they become aware that there are noise problems, the noise ordinances may be changed to inside environments as well as outside.

There’s an app for that!

We would like to suggest that if you have a smart phone, download a sound level meter app and use it when you are in a loud and noisy environment. Many of them are free and easy to use; Decibel 10th, dB Volume and Decibel Meter Pro, to name a few. Show it to the proprietor at the store, gym, and/or restaurant and let them know that the sound decibel level is just too loud. If more and more people complain with proof, they may adjust the setting to turn down the noise. And if you find yourself in noisy places quite often, come in for a noise plug. They will protect your ears when you just can’t turn it down.

And remember, generally sounds above 85 decibels are harmful, depending on how long and how often you are exposed to them without hearing protection.

FREE Hearing Screenings

Celebrate National Friendship Day on August 2nd by taking a friend to Audiology and Hearing Aid Center for a FREE Hearing Screening! If you think you may have been exposed to loud sounds, now is the time to check your hearing health! We are offering these screenings completely complimentary through our Mission 1 Million Program. Come in and let us check to see if you have been affected by the noise around you!
We look forward to seeing you soon!