Rave Reviews

It’s getting rave reviews!

We have been telling you about a breakthrough technology in hearing aids, Oticon Opn. Velox™ is the extremely fast, precise signal processing platform that powers Oticon Opn™ and shifts the hearing paradigm to provide meaningful, dynamic sound experiences for listeners.

Technologies powered by Velox enable listeners to quickly locate and focus on sounds in noisy environments while still maintaining the full sound picture. Even in bustling, erratic sound environments, punctuated by multiple speakers, you will be able to quickly process sound sources and confidently participate in social interactions.

Over the past few weeks, we have fit over 50 Opn hearing devices. We would like to share some of the amazing comments from our patients.

  • “They’re magnificent. They’re so much better than my old aids, especially in a busy restaurant. Russel R.
  • “Im hearing TV 100% better.” Charles S.
  • “I can hear the hum of my bicycle tires. Conversation is so much easier to follow and my wife is so happy.” J.P.
  • “I can finally hear at work so much better.” Barb A.

This new technology is like nothing we have had available to our patients in the past. We are also pleased to be able to offer the new product release savings through July 30, 2016 – $1,000 OFF 2 Opn hearing devices!! We encourage you to test the Opn in all of your most challenging listening environments and judge the difference for yourself – see what friends and family notice about your hearing. The two-week evaluation is RISK FREE.

All of our Audiologists look forward to the opportunity to offer you quality and clarity of hearing that you have never experienced. Please call any of our 3 locations at your earliest convenience to experience this ease of hearing.