Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Did you know that breast cancer represents one out of every three cancers diagnosed in women? This is a remarkable statistic and Oticon Inc. continues to do their part in supporting the cause to help find a cure.

Since 2007, Oticon Inc. has been running national “Hear in Pink” campaigns to help raise funds to support life-saving breast cancer research and 2016 is no different. This year, Oticon’s 2016 “Hear in Pink” campaign will benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). During the months of September and October, Oticon will donate a portion of all sales of the special edition pink Oticon Opnâ„¢ and all Oticon Opn hearing aids to NBCC to help find a cure for this horrible disease.

We are thrilled to be a part of this campaign as many of our patients are excited about our latest technology offered with Opn. We have been actively fitting patients with these new hearing aids since June and have been extremely excited with our patient feedback.

What our Patients Have to Say About Opn

Babs S. from Scottsdale just recently shared her thoughts: “A friend of mine got the new OPNs and her daughter did not, as she felt her aids were working fine. While they were away, my friend asked her daughter “Isn’t the sound of this rain beautiful?” to which her daughter replied “What rain?” My friend was so grateful that her new hearing aids had given her the feeling of normal hearing!

Here are more thoughts from our patients:

  • “They’re magnificent.” Russell R.
  • “Thank you. You really have made such a difference in his life…and in mine.” Martha E, referring to Wayne.
  • “I love them.” Jay P.
  • “They are really quite remarkable. There is no doubt they produce a very good result.” Richard S.
  • “The Opn’s are a thousand times better than my previous aids.” Marilyn B.

If you are wondering what the latest technology is all about, now offered in Pink, take a moment to watch it. It illustrates just how ground breaking this technology really is and what it offers to our patients. Click here for a simple review of how it works.

$1,000 OFF

We are also pleased to continue to offer the new product release savings through September 30, 2016 – $1,000 OFF 2 Opn hearing devices!! We encourage you to test the Opn in all of your most challenging listening environments and judge the difference for yourself – see what friends and family notice about your hearing. The two-week evaluation is RISK FREE.

If you want to help support the breast cancer cause and learn more about Opn, call any of our 3 locations at your earliest convenience to experience this ease of hearing. You won’t be disappointed.