Technology Expo

During the month of October, we invite you to participate in our Technology Expo! Take a moment to learn about the latest technology that will finally provide you the ability to keep up with real life and hear all of what is going on around you!

Our most current technology, Oticon’s Opn, has made such a difference in the lives of so many of our patients. Even my Dad, for the first time in years, can now enjoy most conversations in a very noisy restaurant, where he used to struggle all the time. Traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress all others. Oticon Opn is so fast it can give you access to multiple speakers around you that you want to listen to and reduce noise at the same time. Even in bustling, erratic sound environments, punctuated by multiple speakers, you will be able to quickly process sound sources and confidently participate in social interactions.

We are also very excited to announce that we are accepting pre-orders for the new Belong products by Phonak, including the rechargeable Audeo B-R! Be one of the first to experience the world’s first lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid and the new AutoSense OS. Here are a few highlights:

  • Better hearing performance and more comfort
  • Unmatched hearing performance in everyday listening situations
  • Simply adapts to every sound environment automatically – no need to manually adjust the aids
  • Lithium-ion allows for years of repeated charging
  • 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries
  • Fully charged in 3 hours; ready for 24 hours of hearing

These new products are available at pricing levels for all budgets. Please take a moment and call any of our Scottsdale locations for your personal one-on-one appointment to review the benefits of each product and to see which might be best for your hearing loss.

And we wanted to remind you that this year, Oticon’s 2016 “Hear in Pink” campaign will benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Oticon will donate a portion of all sales of the special edition pink Oticon Opn and all Oticon Opn hearing aids to NBCC to help find a cure for this horrible disease.

Schedule your appointment by October 31st, as we are offering special savings during the month of October. Hope to see you soon!