Valentines Day

For over 35 years, I have had the opportunity to assist my patients to hear better and enjoy the sounds around them to their fullest. Over the past 6 months, I have personally struggled to hear in most noisy restaurants and my family and friends with softer speech. I have nodded in conversations where I was not sure what was being said. I would get home after an evening out with friends and wonder why I was so tired.

I have discovered that it was because I was working so hard to hear them. I know what it is like to be embarrassed to ask someone for the third time, “What did you say?” So for almost 3 weeks, I have been wearing the Oticon OPN hearing instruments. I can hear better in most noisy restaurants and not feel tired by the end of an evening, due to struggling to follow the conversation. Even a mild hearing loss like mine can be improved.

If you suspect you have a hearing loss or have not had a hearing test in several years, please take advantage of our free hearing screening through our Wellness Program. We have new technology in Oticon, in the Phonak rechargeable aids and in Lyric, to now fit all ears regardless of size. We look forward to seeing you to help make the difference in your life, just as this new technology has done for me.

And remember, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to tell someone how much you love them. And what better way than to give them the gift of hearing! We see people every day that are struggling to hear the world around them and can benefit from learning about the options to improve their hearing health. Give a different gift this year…we will help make it happen!

Happy Valentine’s Day and hope to see you soon!