Dear Cathy – I just had to tell you that buying a hearing aid is scary. You are putting things in your ears that you’re not sure about, paying out more money than you want to and you have no idea whether it’ll make a difference. Add vanity about how it will look and you end up being afraid to do anything.

That was me.

When Cathy Kurth suggested behind the ear aids, I was concerned and skeptical. But on the urging of my wife, I tried anyway.
One word sums up the results: incredible! I can now hear other people speak in restaurants, meetings and in large rooms. I don’t miss many words in conversation or at the movies. I was worried about vanity but they are not that visible, and frankly, I don’t care.

The bottom line is this: I am completely satisfied with Cathy Kurth and her people, and I am delighted my wife made me take this next step. My life has changed very much for the better, and I have Cathy Kurth to thank for it.

Kraig Marton,