Thoughts About Not Wanting to Wear Hearing Aids

I am in my early 60’s and although my hearing has steadily decreased I was very hesitant to get a “hearing aid.” I have had many elderly family members get a hearing aid, only to put it in the drawer because “things didn’t sound right.” It had become increasingly difficult to hear in group settings and I had to turn the T.V. up louder and louder. Many times I would laugh at a joke not even knowing what I was laughing at. I would only get bits and pieces of the Sunday sermon, and one of my most used words was “huh?”

I recently moved to the Phoenix area and saw many hearing aids advertised, but when I saw that the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center had audiologists on staff, that was what I wanted. A professional recommendation and follow up was very important to me. Dr. Kim Gates was very knowledgeable and after she performed the hearing evaluation, it did indicate quite a hearing loss. After taking a lifestyle survey, a hearing aid was recommended to me.

The day I received my hearing aid was filled with mixed emotions. I was anxious to hear but still was hesitant about having a “hearing aid.” To my delight, it was almost impossible to see the hearing aid and I can now hear in groups, at church and the neighbors don’t know what T.V. program I’m listening to. I intend on going to school next semester, and all my energy will not be put into trying to figure out what someone is saying. My family is grateful because they don’t have to speak loudly to me and repeat everything. I have a whole new world in front of me and I highly recommend the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center.

Carol Anne Blackwill
Scottsdale, AZ