Hearing Aids That Take Technology To The Next Level

Image of Widex Evoke hearing aid with smartphone app.The science of hearing is constantly improving, being made better by technological advances used by many hearing aid manufacturers.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Arizona would like to highlight some of the remarkable Bluetooth capabilities made by hearing aid manufacturers we carry.


The Opn is one of the world’s most popular hearing aids, and for good reason. Fast enough to keep up with your brain’s ability to hear, the Opn improves your ability to understand speech by up to 30 percent as it processes sound in a 360-degree soundscape. Its Tinnitus SoundSupport helps manage the ringing and buzzing sounds while you’re able to concentrate on the sounds you want to hear. The ConnectClip accessory allows both iPhone and Android users to turn their Opn hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset, able to stream music and make hands-free phone calls. The ConnectClip can also be used as a hearing aid remote control.


The Widex EVOKE is a smart hearing aid that helps you shape your listening experience by analyzing the sound environment and automatically adjusting to help you hear better, wherever you are. Widex makes the device even smarter by collecting users’ input from around the world to improve upon the SoundSense Learn feature – EVOKE learns from the data you provide and applies it to similar situations, even if you’re in a new location. If you’d rather not guide your own listening experience, these hearing aids have a Universal program that does the work for you.


The Phonak CROS B Rechargeable provides one day of hearing on a single charge so you don’t have to remember to carry spare batteries with you. These hearing aids can zero in on a single voice while reducing background noise, and helps you understand passengers in the car, streaming to your good ear to improve understanding. CROS B also automatically adjusts to the best setting for whatever situation you are in.

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