Best Gifts For Those With Hearing Loss

Image of little girl surprising her hearing aid wearing grandmother with a christmas present.

Finding just the right gift for someone can be stressful.

We want to pick out something that shows we truly appreciate the person, know what they’re into and took the time to select a gift that will improve their life in some fashion.

Pretty ambitious stuff, right?

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Arizona offers the following suggestions on the best gifts to buy for loved ones with hearing loss.


These wireless devices resembling earbuds can help users hear better, connecting to smart devices and phones to aid in the listening of music, phone calls, telecoils, FM loops and more. Not necessarily marketed to those with hearing loss, hearables nonetheless can be extremely useful to the hearing impaired. They also monitor the wearer’s biometric data, heart rate, and activity tracking. A couple of models worth checking out include the Jabra Sport Pulse and the Bragi Dash.

Wifi Digital Doorbell

Products such as this model from Vesafesma notify you via your phone whenever your doorbell is pushed. The video aspect lets you clearly see the person at your door, while the two-way audio feature lets you speak with them before you answer the door.

TV listening devices

Because watching television with hearing loss can an exercise in frustration, products such as these wireless headsets from TV Ears are a game-changer. The person with hearing loss can adjust the volume for themselves without interfering with the experience of others in the room.

TV sound bar

Because many TV speakers are small and not of the highest quality, someone with hearing loss can have a significantly better listening experience when using a soundbar. Models such as this one from ZVOX also include hearing aid technology that can provide clearer dialogue, even at low volumes.

Vibrating or light alarm clocks

If your loved one has trouble waking up on time, try an alarm clock that awakens them using senses other than hearing. Vibrating clocks such as this model or a product such as this model using colored sunrise simulation may do the trick.

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