Your Brain Can Be Trained To Hear Better

Image of two women talking.People living with hearing loss don’t have to be subjected to a lifetime of poor listening experiences.

In addition to treating hearing loss with hearing aids or cochlear implants, auditory training is a “brain training” technique for the ears that can boost listening ability. The formal listening program helps increase one’s perception of speech by “training” the brain to listen more effectively, even in noisy environments.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Arizona in Scottsdale offers the following information about auditory training and how it can improve listening experiences for those with hearing aids.

These formal listening programs are generally recommended for those individuals who have become accustomed to their hearing aids, having reached a plateau in their listening abilities. This form of “brain training” is often used by those who have recently experienced a change in their ability to hear.

Although auditory training was not historically utilized in clinical situations, it has grown in popularity due to advancements in several areas, including:

  1. Brain studies: Research shows the brain’s malleable tendencies allows auditory stimuli to create changes in the body’s central nervous system.
  2. Cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids: The sounds CI and hearing aid users experience is so different from what they’ve become accustomed to that they can benefit from proper training on how to best comprehend their new listening experiences.
  3. The rise of the internet: Online technology has made it much more reasonable for clinicians to use auditory training with patients, who can perform some of the sessions at home.

It should be noted that auditory training isn’t a casual exercise. The more time put into them, the better the results. Home-based programs such as the following are receiving high marks:

Those with Cochlear Implants may find these listening programs helpful:

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