Oticon’s OPN S™ Hearing Aid Takes AI To The Next Level

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When it comes to listening experiences, there are plenty of problems to be solved – mostly related to difficult hearing environments full of background noise. Oticon’s OPN S, a cutting-edge hearing aid,  doesn’t play by the traditional rules of listening experiences. Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Arizona offers the following information about this special hearing aid that’s among the Oticon devices available at our three Scottsdale offices.

The OPN S has a number of features that help mimic the normal hearing experience, such as:

  1. 360-degree sound experience: Advanced technology helps the wearer hear relevant sounds and speech in any direction, putting you in command of which sounds you focus on. This helps someone with hearing loss keep up with conversations in larger groups of people.
  2. Better speech understanding: In noisy environments such as a party or a dinner around a large table, hearing devices that only use amplification, lag way behind the normal hearing experience. Studies show OPN S users hear at the same level as those without hearing loss.
  3. Whittle away whistles: The device’s OpenSound Optimizer works to identify feedback and takes action to stop it before the whistling affects sound quality. How does it do this? By astoundingly analyzing sound 56,000 times per second.

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