Dive In To Hearing Aid Protection This Summer

One of the best ways to beat the heat of the Arizona summer is with water – lots of cool, blue water.

What feels refreshing to the body doesn’t feel so good to the hearing aids, however – excess moisture is one of the main problems for your listening devices. It can cause problems whether you’re swimming, boating or at the water park.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Arizona in Scottsdale offers the following tips to both beat the heat and protect your hearing aids this summer:

  1. Safe storage: Whenever you know you’ll be in or around the water, remove your hearing aids and put them in a dry, waterproof container. If you’re at the pool, keep it well away from the water. If you’re in a boat, try to put them in a protected place where water is unlikely to gather. If you don’t have anything else, a sealable plastic baggie should do the trick in a pinch – but they don’t always seal properly, so take caution.
  2. Buy a dryer: Accidents happen. If you excitedly execute a perfect cannonball into the pool before realizing your hearing aids are still in, all isn’t necessarily lost. After drying them off as much as possible, you can put them in a hearing aid dehumidifier, which acts as a dryer to remove moisture from the devices. They also kill germs and deodorize your hearing aids. If you’re around water often or your devices are subjected to condensation often, these items are a worthy investment.
  3. Use protective accessories: To protect your hearing aids while around water – not while swimming in it – you could use a protective device such as a sleeve or cord. A sleeve, made of water-resistant spandex nylon, fits over the instrument to protect it from water, perspiration, dirt and sand while still allowing sound to enter. A cord will attach to the sleeve and clip onto your shirt, keeping your hearing aids from falling to the water or ground.
  4. Opt for resistant models: Although they’re not waterproof, water-resistant hearing aids will help prevent damage from water and sweat. These models are recommended for those who are often in or near the water, or who tend to sweat frequently.
  5. Consider insurance: To give yourself peace of mind, it may be worthwhile to invest in hearing aid insurance. These policies will help protect you in the case of damage, loss or repair.

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