Focus On Your Eyes and Ears to Keep Brain Healthy

It appears that to have a sharp brain, particular attention should be paid to the organs near it.

Keeping your ears and eyes in top condition can help stave off dementia and cognitive decline, studies show. Even if they have already been damaged, treating them properly can help slow the progression of brain deterioration. Audiology & Hearing Aid Center Arizona encourages those in the Scottsdale area with hearing loss to schedule a free hearing screening to assess their hearing health.

As early as the age of 40, about 10% of people experience some degree of hearing loss. It often occurs gradually, sometimes making it difficult for individuals to realize they have an impairment. Because people wait an average of seven years from the time they first notice hearing problems until they make an initial appointment, age-related hearing loss may have set in by the time they seek treatment.

The good news, however, is that wearing hearing aids can help slow cognitive decline.

An expansive, nationwide study called the Health and Retirement Study examined 2,000 senior citizens before and after they started wearing hearing aids. Researchers discovered that cognitive decline occurred 75% slower after hearing aids were introduced.

Participants were asked to recall a list of 10 words, both immediately after hearing them and after they were distracted by being asked to complete other tasks. The study found they remembered more words after wearing hearing aids than they could before. Scientists believe that when the ears work properly, the brain is able to function more efficiently as well.

Studies have also found a link between better vision and cognitive health. The same research team conducted the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, which found that having cataract surgery slowed cognitive decline by 50%.

Experts believe cognitive decline may be sped up in individuals with vision and hearing impairments because it can lead to social isolation. Conversation and social stimulation can play a large role in keeping the brain working and better able to process the sounds around it.

While a number of lifestyle habits – such as diet and exercise – are significant factors in the healthy aging process, these studies show that hearing and vision healthcare also play an important role in having a higher quality of life.

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