Opn from Oticon

Velox™ is the extremely fast, precise signal processing platform that powers Oticon Opn™ and shifts the hearing paradigm to provide meaningful, dynamic sound experiences for listeners.

Technologies powered by Velox enable listeners to quickly locate and focus on sounds in noisy environments while still maintaining the full sound picture. Even in bustling, erratic sound environments, punctuated by multiple speakers, you will be able to quickly process sound sources and confidently participate in social interactions.

Introducing Oticon Opn Ground Breaking Technology

  • What makes Opn groundbreaking?
  • Processes sound 50 times faster
  • 64 channels
  • Analyzes the environment 100 times per second
  • Handles more than 1 billion operations per second
  • Hears speech from any direction, not just in front
  • Has TWO COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS…one for binaural processing to improve speech understanding in complex listening environments with less fatigue and one for wireless connectivity (using 2.4GHz) to connect to smart devices, your home security systems, kitchen devices, TV, thermostat and car

Come Try It Out

Audiology and Hearing Aid Center will be one of the first practices to offer this groundbreaking technology. Call for a FREE demonstration of this incredible new technology, Opn by Oticon. As this new technology may not be for everyone, we are now offering special pricing of up to $2,000 offon some of our current stock hearing aids (some restrictions apply and cannot be combined with any other insurance benefits or discount programs). Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Civic Center Office Moved

3301 N. Miller Road, #180 ~ Scottsdale, AZ 85251 ~ (480) 941-0519
Patient loyalty is a fact of life…one to be appreciated and nurtured! And what better time to appreciate that loyalty than while we’re celebrating our new move of our Civic Center Office! (Our other two offices are still at the same Scottsdale locations.)

Patient Appreciation Event ~ Held at the Miller Road Office

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to attend Audiology and Hearing Aid Center’s “Patient Appreciation Event.” To show our appreciation for your past patronage, we would like to extend an offer reserved exclusively for our loyal customers.
In order to introduce the latest technology in the field of digital hearing, all hearing devices will be offered at 20% OFF during this event – making these wonderful devices affordable to people who need them most! This is simply our way of saying “thank you” for visiting Audiology and Hearing Aid Center and trusting us to help you with your hearing needs.

To further demonstrate the incredible performance of these devices, we will be conducting a 3-day demonstration highlighting the latest in technology. Your ears will be inspected to evaluate common hearing problems, such as excessive ear wax build-up and damage to the ear drum. An audiometric hearing evaluation will also be performed to see if the newest personalized digital hearing devices will effectively correct your hearing deficiency.

It is the desire of Audiology and Hearing Aid Center to introduce these digital hearing devices to as many people as possible. We feel that this “Patient Appreciation Event” is the perfect way to introduce these devices to you and our other loyal customers who may be ready to upgrade their hearing devices, but may not know of the incredible technological advances being made today in the area of hearing correction.
$20 Gift Card

As a further “thank you” for stopping by and allowing us to introduce these new devices to you, you will receive a $20 gift card to Fox Restaurants, with absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

This event is being conducted at the Miller Road Office “by invitation only.” To ensure quality customer care and service, please call to make an appointment for our “Patient Appreciation Event.” Print a copy of this email, bring it with you and join us for our special days on Tuesday, March 29th, Wednesday, March 30th and Thursday, March 31st from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm daily.

February 2016: Happy Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to tell someone how much you love them. And what better way than to give them the gift of hearing! We see people every day that are struggling to hear the world around them and can benefit from learning about the options to improve their hearing health.

Mission 1 Million

Our team at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center understands the frustration that comes with hearing loss, not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year. We are continuing to offer Mission 1 Million, a program that provides FREE hearing screenings to patients who need to be tested for hearing loss.

You don’t need to struggle with trying to understand your loved ones in a crowded room, in a restaurant or at a special occasion. We have the technology for all budgets so that on this Valentine’s Day, you can hear the important people in your life without frustration.

Second Opinions

We are also offering a FREE Second Opinion Program. Many of our patients have come to us from friends, family members or medical referrals. We also see many patients needing a second opinion because they are frustrated with their hearing aids. For this reason, we offer a Second Opinion Program that provides testing of those hearing aids. Sometimes it just requires a slight adjustment that could have been provided by their original Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser. Other times, we find that the hearing aids are not providing the necessary help. This Second Opinion Program is offered at no charge as we want all of our patients to have the best outcome with their hearing aid investment.

Our Newsletter

Our Winter Newsletter is hot off the press. If you aren’t on our physical mailing list, we also provide a copy on our website. Just click here to upload our latest issue. It is filled with wonderful tips and the latest news about the newest technology offered in the hearing health arena. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or need further information.
Happy Valentine’s Day! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe we are in the year 2016. As this is our 34th year in practice, it is amazing at how quickly the time has gone by and just how much technology has changed over the years. We are very excited about all the new technology that is available today and ur ability to offer a wide range of hearing aids that fit any budget.

Did you know that hearing loss is one of the most commonly unaddressed health conditions in America today and affects more than 31.5 million Americans? When left untreated, hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression. Even when surrounded by loved ones, a family member’s impaired ability to hear cuts them off from interacting and actively participating in conversations with family.

FREE Hearing Screenings

If someone you love appears to have a hearing loss, the first step to improving hearing health is to encourage them to get a hearing screening. We are offering FREE Hearing Screenings through our Mission 1 Million Program. If you or a loved one have not been tested in many years, it is time for you to have a hearing screening.

Special Offers and Discounts

And don’t forget, if you already have a hearing aid, you can save money on batteries when you go to our website and print out our Battery Discount Coupon. There are no catches, gimmicks or tricks – buy a Box of 40 Batteries and Get 16 Free! Click here to print your coupon.

Does your hearing aid need a Tune-Up?

Have you noticed that your hearing instrument sounds muffled or weak? Does it whistle or cut in and out? Or does it go through batteries quickly? If so, perhaps it is time for a Tune-Up. We are offering a complete Hearing Aid Tune-Up valued at $150 for just $39.95 with our website coupon. Just click here and print the confirmation page…then call any one of our offices for an appointment and we will be happy to get your aid all tuned up!

We also want to take this time to thank all of our patients who have trusted us with their hearing health for many years. And, to all our new patients, we appreciate the trust you have put in us. In closing, I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2016 and we look forward to seeing you in the coming year!

Happy Holidays

The 2015 Holiday Season is upon us. Everyone is busy making last minute purchases, planning for holiday dinners and just getting ready to celebrate with family and friends.

It is time to stop and reflect on what this season really means. Holiday lights, candles, Christmas trees, and Menorahs represent the celebration of the season and a wonderful time to remember the special people in our lives: family, friends and for me, my wonderful patients.
During the course of a year’s time, people come in and out of our lives on a daily basis, never knowing if we will see them again in the future. We feel very fortunate at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center to have a very loyal patient base who we feel we can call our “friends.”
Many thanks to you for your patronage and for allowing us to be of service when you needed us. I have met many wonderful people this year, which is why I love to do what I do. Please remember we are here for you, even at a moment’s notice. We have many new and exciting products to offer and don’t want anyone to go without the opportunity to hear all of the season’s activities, celebrations and the conversations at holiday gatherings. I know I can speak for all of our Audiologists and Staff Members when I say we enjoyed all of the time we spent together this year and look forward to seeing you in 2016.

May this holiday bring you peace, prosperity and great happiness throughout the season and the coming year!

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving time is here and a great opportunity to extend our thoughts to all of our friends and family! As we think about the upcoming holiday, we also want to take this time to thank all of our friends, patients and everyone important in our lives. We want to let you know how appreciative we are of the trust you have put in all of us at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center.

What’s New

It is hard to believe that 2015 is coming to a close. Years seem to pass even more quickly with changes happening all around us. You may remember that last year, we had three weddings among our staff at AHAC, so you may not be surprised to hear that this year, we have two new babies in our staff’s family. We have also hired several new staff members; Wendy Rosales, our Front Desk Coordinator at the Deer Valley Office, Lena Godenitz, who joined our Front Desk Team at our 91st Street Office and Dr. Brianne Fink, our newest audiologist, who you will have the opportunity to meet when visiting any of our offices.

We are also continuing to provide FREE hearing screenings to our community through the nationwide project called “Mission 1 Million.” Since hearing loss is the third most common physical condition after arthritis and heart disease, audiologists throughout the U.S. are focused on reaching out to the community every month to test as many patients as possible to reach our goal. And, if we do find that a patient has hearing loss, we are now able to offer a variety of choices to meet every budget.

Remember, we have new Walk-in Hours so be sure to check them out if you need any slight adjustments made to your hearing aids.
Thank you!

And, it is now time for our yearly Thanksgiving tradition of letting you know how grateful we all are for your support and friendship. We would like to acknowledge all of our patients and their families who:

  • Came to our office and put their trust in us
  • Allowed us to do a testimonial video and put it on our website
  • Attended an event to learn more about their hearing health and how to make it better
  • Are following us on Facebook – thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and feelings
  • Read one of our SoundByte Newsletters and responded with a kind message
  • Took the time to tell us we are doing a “great job”
  • Came in for a free hearing screening to help us move toward our goal of “Mission 1 Million”
  • …and for all who took the time to pass on a compliment and kind word!

We are all so thankful for your support and patronage. We are here if you need us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday – we wish you good health, good food and the company of good friends this holiday season!

Donate Your Books

In the month of September, Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is partnering with Literacy for a Lifetime, a 50% grant matching program available through Usborne Books & More, to provide quality literature for local children in need. Having books in the home is the single biggest predictor of academic success, but many of these children have no access to books.

In looking for a place to donate books, we have learned about the Bethesda Community Baptist Church, which is in the process of opening The Community Library. This library will provide a place where children and adults can access books and work with volunteers to learn to read.
Throughout September, Audiology & Hearing Aid Center will be collecting used books and will have a box in each of our Scottsdale offices where you can drop books off to assist in the opening of the library. If you would like to support our cause but don’t have a book to donate, we are collecting monetary donations as well and will order books from Usborne to have donated. We will also have some Usborne books in our waiting rooms that you can purchase as a donation. Each book will contain a sticker on the inside cover that says “This book donated by…” and you can sign your name so the kids will know who donated the books. Please see if you have a children’s book at home or consider donating by going to Our September Charity

In last month’s email newsletter, we also told you about a wonderful Arizona charity called The Miracle League of Arizona, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play Miracle League baseball, regardless of their abilities. This is a fabulous organization and in honor of all the children and supporters involved with this organization, we will be donating a percentage of all hearing aid sales during the month of August and September. For more information about The Miracle League, please click here.

We would also like to let you know that we are holding a 4-day Special Event from Monday, September 21st through Thursday, September 24th at all of our Scottsdale Offices. We will be introducing BrainHearing Technology from Oticon. Please give us a call today to learn about this latest technology and of all the special offers being introduced. Remember, hearing affects everything between your ears! For more information about any of our seminars, click here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Supporting the Miracle League

It’s Baseball Season!

As you may remember, the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center Team gets together at the beginning of each month to select a charity to support for our Charity Spotlight. We were recently introduced to The Miracle League of Arizona, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play Miracle League baseball, regardless of their abilities. They understand that they cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with disabilities, but what they can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our National pastime – baseball.

This is a fabulous organization and in honor of all the children and supporters involved with this organization, we would like to donate a percentage of all hearing aid sales during the month of August and September. For more information about The Miracle League, please click here.

Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all folks who came in this month for a complimentary Hearing Screening. We are happy to report that many patients passed their test with flying colors! If you didn’t get the opportunity to stop by and haven’t had a hearing screening in the last year, now is the time to check your hearing health. We are offering these screenings completely complimentary through our Mission 1 Million Program. For more information about this program, please click here… and take the time and come in to let us check your hearing health, too!

Walk-in Hour

Did you know that the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center offers a Walk-in Hour for all our patients? Walk-in Hour is held Monday through Thursday from noon to 1:00 pm, at each of our office locations. We designed Walk-in Hour specifically for our patients’ convenience. We know that sometimes a hearing aid needs to be cleaned, for example, and a patient may want assistance with that task right away. Since this type of care does not require a great deal of time, it is not necessary to schedule an appointment.

So, consider stopping in during Walk-in Hour if your hearing aid:

  • Needs cleaning
  • Needs the battery door changed
  • Is not working at all
  • Or has any other minor problem

If your aid requires any programming or further evaluation, our staff will assist you with making an appointment to see your audiologist as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to call ahead of time just in case it is cancelled for that day due to unforeseen circumstances.

Time to Turn Down the Noise

Time to Turn Down the Noise

In last month’s Email Newsletter, we discussed the fact that noise induced hearing loss can be permanent. This month, we would like to offer a few suggestions on ways to protect yourself from the sounds around you.

The World is Noisy

Our world has become too noisy. We all have known the dangers of occupational exposure, but now non-occupational noise exposure has increased enough so that it is a public health concern. Did you know that all it takes is brief exposure of just 30 seconds or less to very loud noise to cause permanent auditory damage? Sound levels of 100 to 115 dB are now common: music via headphones or earbuds, car chase or explosion scenes in movies, sports fans in a stadium, the background noise in popular bars or restaurants, retail stores or malls, or even birthday parties, weddings, or other celebrations. Noise is the only preventable cause of hearing loss. The louder the noise and the longer the exposure, the greater the chance it will cause hearing damage.

What YOU Can Do

It is very difficult to regulate loud noise in public areas, just as it was difficult in a smoking environment before the non-smoking bans went into effect. People have the right to smoke or listen to loud music, but they don’t have a right to make others breathe their smoke or hear their noise. The Hearing Health Foundation is suggesting that if people start complaining to enforcement authorities and elected officials so they become aware that there are noise problems, the noise ordinances may be changed to inside environments as well as outside.

There’s an app for that!

We would like to suggest that if you have a smart phone, download a sound level meter app and use it when you are in a loud and noisy environment. Many of them are free and easy to use; Decibel 10th, dB Volume and Decibel Meter Pro, to name a few. Show it to the proprietor at the store, gym, and/or restaurant and let them know that the sound decibel level is just too loud. If more and more people complain with proof, they may adjust the setting to turn down the noise. And if you find yourself in noisy places quite often, come in for a noise plug. They will protect your ears when you just can’t turn it down.

And remember, generally sounds above 85 decibels are harmful, depending on how long and how often you are exposed to them without hearing protection.

FREE Hearing Screenings

Celebrate National Friendship Day on August 2nd by taking a friend to Audiology and Hearing Aid Center for a FREE Hearing Screening! If you think you may have been exposed to loud sounds, now is the time to check your hearing health! We are offering these screenings completely complimentary through our Mission 1 Million Program. Come in and let us check to see if you have been affected by the noise around you!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hearing Protection – Time to Take Notice

Time to Protect Your Hearing

Hearing once lost, cannot be fully regained!

There are signs all around reminding us that summer is in full swing! You will see road and building construction, the Fourth of July fireworks and outdoor rock concerts. All are signs that families are enjoying summertime activities…and all are very noisy.

What you may not know is that noise-induced hearing loss can be permanent. The damage to the ear cannot be repaired, but there are options to improve the hearing. For example, hearing aids have become much more innovative and many have improved, contemporary and discreet designs.
According to research, one in 10 Americans has hearing loss that affects the ability to understand normal speech. While we know that with age, hearing may be affected, but what we need to understand is that exposure to excessive noise also can damage the ability to hear sounds in high pitches.

Many young folks that listen to music using ear buds can expose the ear to very high volumes and can damage hearing, which often cannot be repaired. That situation is totally preventable and it becomes about awareness to the younger generation. Simply wearing earplugs when attending loud events can protect the ear from permanent damage.

Below is an illustration of registered levels for common sounds.

In general, sounds above 85 decibels are harmful, depending on how long and
how often you are exposed to them without hearing protection.

FREE Hearing Screenings

If you have been exposed to loud sounds, now is the time to check your hearing health! We are offering FREE Hearing Screenings through our Mission 1 Million Program. If you have not been tested in many years, it is time for you to have a hearing screening.

And the Winners Are….

If you read our email newsletter last month, you may remember seeing our charitable giving goal in May to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month. At Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, it was our goal to offer FREE hearing aids to those in need who could not otherwise afford them and all we asked was for nominations to be made on our Facebook page with a reason why the nominee should be chosen.

We received 11 nominees and have decided to go ahead and help all of the nominees with their hearing. All of our audiologists will be working with these winners and donating their time to help them gain the ability to hear again. We are extremely grateful to ReSound for donating all these hearing aids to these patients in need. Thank you all for submitting nominations and for your thoughtfulness and care to others!

Our winners are: Annie Isaac; Carol S; Ashley Hunt; Donna Neri; Angie Waite; Natalie Heywood; Katherine Morrison; Jeremy Davis; Cheryl Dykes; Tyler Dove and Oscar Reyes. Please call us at 480-451-0220 to schedule your free hearing screening to get started.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Better Hearing and Speech Month

We are celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center! Did you know that hearing loss is an increasing health concern in this nation that is often treatable? While it is a common expectation that as we age, we may lose some hearing, few realize that hearing loss is prevalent among adults of all ages – with half of the 36 million people in the United States with hearing loss under the age of 65. When hearing loss occurs during our adult years, but long before old age, many tend to ignore it.

According to the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), getting a hearing test and treating hearing loss can open up a whole new way of looking at life. New research from BHI shows that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids are more likely to be optimistic, tackle problems actively, have a strong social network, and feel engaged in life.

6 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade Your Thinking on Hearing Aids
Hearing aid technology and design have undergone a sweeping transformation over the past several years, taking off in terms of what they can offer youthful-minded people eager to stay active and engaged.

The new reality is that hearing loss is part of modern life for a great number of people. It’s commonplace. But new technologies are making it easier to manage hearing loss.

Below are six compelling reasons to upgrade your thinking on hearing aids and to schedule an appointment today for a comprehensive hearing test offered complimentary at our office.

  • Addressing hearing health may help protect cognitive function.
  • State-of-the-art features make today’s hearing aids better than ever.
  • Using hearing aids may help unleash earning potential.
  • Many hearing aids can help mask ringing in the ears.
  • More than 9 out of 10 of the newest hearing aid owners are happy.
  • Today’s hearing aid users are giving the thumbs up to others.

The vast majority of current hearing aid users say they’d recommend a hearing aid to others with hearing loss. In fact, as many as 90 percent of people who purchased their hearing aid within the last four years say they’d recommend a hearing aid to a friend or family member, according to recent BHI research.

FREE Hearing Screenings

In order to check your hearing health, we are offering FREE Hearing Screenings through our Mission 1 Million Program. If you have not been tested in many years, it is time for you to have a hearing screening.

FREE Hearing Aids

If you read our email newsletter last month, you may remember seeing our charitable giving goal this month to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month. At Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, we would like to offer FREE hearing aids to those in need who could not otherwise afford them. We have been providing hearing healthcare to our community for 34 years and are giving back in May to those who qualify through our In-Need Hearing Aid Program.

In order to participate, we are asking folks to nominate their friends and family members who are in need by following these steps:
Go to our Facebook page at www.Facebook/AudiologyAndHearingAidCenter
Be sure you “Like” our page

Post a comment with the name (or initials) of the person you would like to nominate by May 31st
We will notify all award winners the first week in June through a Facebook Personal Message
From all the entries we receive, we will select 5 winners that will be fit with hearing aids. All we ask in return is to be able to share your story, your experience of our center and your thoughts about your new aids on Facebook! If you have already posted your nomination, thank you. If you have not, go today and nominate someone you know who needs assistance with their hearing. They will love you for it!
Give us a call today and see what we can do for you! We look forward to seeing you soon.