Two Ears and a Brain

All of us at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center are focused on providing you with information necessary to make the best and most informed decision for your hearing health needs. We all see lots of ads in the paper, online and in the big box stores for low priced hearing aid technology, but is this savings providing the quality hearing you are looking for long term? Do you actually own hearing aids, but they sit in a drawer, wasting the money you spent because you don’t have an audiologist to assist you with service and support?

FREE Educational Seminars

Finding the best options for your budget and needs can be very difficult. Audiology and Hearing Aid Center has put together FREE Educational Seminars to help you learn about your best options to hear more clearly and enjoy life again. Our seminars focus on the information needed to gain the best hearing through numerous choices in both technology and cost. Call today for our seminar schedule and enjoy a delicious lunch while having all of your questions answered.

FREE Hearing Aids

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month and is just around the corner. Because we focus on supporting a non-profit organization each month, we decided to focus on our own charitable giving. At Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, we would like to offer FREE hearing aids to those in need who could not otherwise afford them. There are many charities that assist the hearing impaired, but often the red tape can take months to even years to get through. We have been providing hearing healthcare to our community for 34 years and are giving back in April and May to those who qualify through our In-Need Hearing Aid Program.

In order to participate, we are asking folks to nominate their friends and family members who are in need by following these steps:
Go to our Facebook page at www.Facebook/AudiologyAndHearingAidCenter
Be sure you “Like” our page

Post a comment with the name (or initials) of the person you would like to nominate by May 31st
We will notify all award winners the first week in June through a Facebook Personal Message
From all the entries we receive, we will select 5 winners that will be fit with hearing aids. All we ask in return is to be able to share your story, your experience of our center and your thoughts about your new aids on Facebook!

FREE Hearing Screenings

We are also offering FREE Hearing Screenings through our Mission 1 Million Program. If you have not been tested in many years, it is time for you to have a hearing screening. It has been proven that 50% of people over the age of 55 will have some degree of hearing loss. Why not take advantage of the many programs we are offering that will provide you with the information and tools to better hear the world around you? Call us today to see which programs fit your needs!
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Mission Accomplished!

All of us at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center are excited to announce that we have accomplished our Mission – to test over 1000 patients’ hearing in 2014 by providing FREE hearing screenings. We just recently tallied the number of patients we screened last year and are proud to report we tested over 1,250 people!

Most folks understand the importance of getting a yearly physical, a mammogram for women over 40 and even yearly dental appointments. What people don’t seem to remember is the importance of getting yearly hearing screenings as well.

Hearing loss can affect not only your ability to communicate in large crowds and understand conversations in noisy environments, but it can cause a strain on personal relationships and job effectiveness. Hearing loss can happen to people of all ages, so it is important to get a baseline screening so you can track your hearing health as you age.

This year, Audiologists around the nation are working together on Mission One Million! It is a collective goal to screen one million people across the US – completely FREE of charge. We know we can make a difference in improving the quality of life if we find a patient that does have a hearing loss, but we also love providing the good news to many of patients we test that their hearing is perfectly normal.

Please give us a call today if you have not had your hearing tested in the last year. We can work around your schedule and we can even offer some limited Saturday appointments. The hearing test is painless and takes little time to perform, so don’t forget about this very important exam in your overall health profile. We are encouraging everyone we meet to call today so we can reach our newest Mission One Million goal in 2015 and give back at the same time!
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to tell someone how much you love them. And what better way than to give them the gift of hearing!
Today, I saw a patient with a mild hearing loss. She told me that she wanted to be able to better hear her husband, the love of her life. She was struggling with day to day tasks and felt that her hearing loss was starting to drastically affect her ability to understand him and as a result, to effectively communicate with him. It was becoming a very frustrating situation for her.

This lovely woman also said that on this very special Valentine’s Day, there isn’t anything more important than the ones we love and that she was bound and determined to hear what her family had to say. With today’s amazing technology, no one should have to miss the ability to hear and enjoy the special people in our lives.

Our team at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center understands the frustration that comes with hearing loss, not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year. This year, we are promoting Mission 1000, a program that provides over 1000 FREE hearing screenings to patients who need to be tested for hearing loss.

You don’t need to struggle with trying to understand your loved ones in a crowded room, in a restaurant or at a special occasion. We have the technology for all budgets so that on this Valentine’s Day, you can hear the important people in your life without frustration.

Mission 1000 is a great way to find out if you have a hearing loss or not and if today’s incredible technology is right for you. During Valentine’s Month, give us a call and schedule a complimentary Hearing Screening for yourself or a loved one – and give the gift of hearing!
We look forward to seeing you soon.

It is Heart Health Month

Not only is February remembered for Valentine’s Day, it is also American Heart Month! The color red represents strength, joy and power and during American Heart Month, it symbolizes the fight against heart disease in women.
One in three women die of heart disease or stroke, according to the American Heart Association. Education and lifestyle changes, however, can prevent 80 percent of cardiac events.

The cause behind the color is Go Red For Women, a movement the AHA started more than a decade ago to fight a life-threatening lack of awareness about heart disease in women, which extended to many physicians and researchers. Since Go Red began in 2004, more than 670,000 lives have been saved, according to AHA statistics. In addition, women have learned more about why they should know their risks and what do to about them. To learn more about the risks, click here.

If you stop into any of our offices on Friday, February 13th, you will see that all of our staff will be adorned in red to celebrate this important month and for the work that the American Heart Association does to bring about awareness of heart health.

We are also very excited to let you know that we will be participating in the “All Things Senior” Expo, being held on Wednesday, February 25 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, 7380 East 2nd Street, Scottsdale.
This expo brings together an extensive collection of exhibitors who provide products, resources and valuable services to the 50+ community. If you are looking for information about healthcare, senior housing, municipal services, recreation, technology, transportation or entertainment, the “All Things Senior” Expo and Tradeshow will provide lasting connections to help enhance your quality of life. Stop by and say hello! We look forward to seeing you there. For more information, click here.

And, don’t forget, if you are interested in learning about the new Lyric3, we are holding a special event from February 23rd through the 27th at all of our office locations. Lyric is the first and only 100% invisible extended wear hearing device. It’s soft and comfortable and lasts for months without replacing batteries.

Call us today and schedule a time to try it Risk-Free for 30 days.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe we are half way through January in the year 2015. The time is flying by and we have been very busy since the holidays and have some new exciting things to share.

First, we want to tell you about the organization we selected this month as our Community Spotlight – The Starkey Foundation. This organization’s mission, “So the World May Hear,” is about bringing understanding between people through caring and sharing. They conduct hearing missions in the United States and around the globe in an effort to bring the gift of hearing to those in need. They fit more than 100,000 hearing aids annually to children and adults through their global hearing missions and the daily efforts of their domestic Hear Now Program.

Hear Now is an application-based program that provides hearing help to low-income Americans. Each person that is helped is fit with new, top-of-the-line digital hearing aids that are customized to their hearing loss. The Starkey Foundation uses hearing as a vehicle to change lives around the world. At Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, we are donating used hearing aids to The Starkey Foundation to be refurbished and fit on patients who are unable to afford hearing devices. We also offer to fit these patients with new aids at no charge.

We are also doing our part by spreading the word to our own network of family, friends and our wonderful patients. You can do your part as well by tapping into your network of friends, family and colleagues and raise funds to support the gift of hearing. If you have a hearing aid you would like to donate, please let us know. The Starkey Foundation will be sure to fit it on a patient in need.

Second, we wanted to let you know that we are holding a very special event from January 26th through January 29th at all of our Scottsdale locations. We invite you to come in for a complimentary hearing screening and to learn about our newest technology, the Alta Pros. We are offering $500 OFF 2 Alta Pros, a FREE 3rd Year Warranty, a FREE 14-Day Trial Period, same day fittings, and 0% financing available. It is our goal to assist our patients with the ability to hear all the voices and sounds around them. We don’t want anyone to let the sounds in the world go by.

And as you may know, Audiology and Hearing Aid Center launched Mission 1000 last year to offer FREE hearing screenings to anyone over the age of 55, as studies have shown that more than 50% of us over this age will have hearing loss. So as part of your overall healthcare, get a hearing test. Just call today for an appointment and it is complimentary. You will be very pleased you added this screening to your overall healthcare checkup.