Do you spend your weekends going to sporting events or listening to live music?   The loudspeakers at these events can exceed 120 decibels. At that level, you can increase the risk of hearing loss and Tinnitus in less than a minute.  Tinnitus is the frequent ringing in the ears, and if you do experience it, you’re not alone – 50 million people in the United States are affected by it.
How To Prevent Tinnitus
A great way to deter the damages from the loud venues is to wear earplugs.  However, not all earplugs are created equal.  If your weekend hobbies include live

The world we live in is a noisy place.  It’s hard to get away from the sounds of car horns, emergency sirens, loud conversations at restaurants and activity in your own home.  When we struggle to hear, it affects how we communicate.  When communication is compromised, we miscommunicate.  With difficulty understanding, people tend to isolate themselves, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.
How do you adapt to the sounds around you?
Hearing loss is the third most common health issue in America, with over one million people experiencing it in Arizona alone.  It is common, and many treatment options are

We are very excited to announce that our Deer Valley and Scottsdale Road location has moved to enjoy more space and convenience for our patients in the northeast Valley! Our office is now located just south of Pinnacle Peak Road on Miller Road at 7699 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, Suite 105, Scottsdale. It is over 1900 square feet and is very comfortable for our patients. It is easy to find and has ample parking. Our other two Scottsdale locations are still there for our patients in mid and south Scottsdale. Please come by and check it out. We would love

For over 35 years, I have had the opportunity to assist my patients to hear better and enjoy the sounds around them to their fullest. Over the past 6 months, I have personally struggled to hear in most noisy restaurants and my family and friends with softer speech. I have nodded in conversations where I was not sure what was being said. I would get home after an evening out with friends and wonder why I was so tired.

I have discovered that it was because I was working so hard to hear them. I know what it is like to

2017... a great New Year!! This is a time of change, hope and renewal. Many of us make New Year's resolutions about improving our health. How many make hearing healthcare a part of that resolution? How do we feel when going to a restaurant, social setting, or meeting and miss much of the conversation? Missing out on the important sounds of life affects our stress, frustration, memory and can even be connected to diabetes. A simple hearing screening can provide important information about our hearing health and how it can be corrected.

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, we started Mission

The 2016 Holiday Season is here and always seems to sneak up on us, but this year it came faster than usual. There is so much activity and personal business to attend to that it is easy to forget what this time of year really means. Holiday lights, candles, Christmas trees, and Menorahs represent the celebration of the season and a wonderful time to remember the special people in our lives: family, friends and for AHAC, our wonderful patients. Even with the hustle and bustle of the season happening all around us, it's important for us to take a moment

Each year in November, it has become a tradition for us to stop and reflect on the many wonderful things that occurred since the beginning of the year. Thanksgiving time is a great opportunity to extend these thoughts to all of our patients, friends and family! We want to let you know how appreciative we are of the trust you have put in all of us at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center.
2016 Highlights
It is hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close. Years seem to pass even more quickly with changes happening all around us. After 30 years

During the month of October, we invite you to participate in our Technology Expo! Take a moment to learn about the latest technology that will finally provide you the ability to keep up with real life and hear all of what is going on around you!

Our most current technology, Oticon's Opn, has made such a difference in the lives of so many of our patients. Even my Dad, for the first time in years, can now enjoy most conversations in a very noisy restaurant, where he used to struggle all the time. Traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress

Did you know that breast cancer represents one out of every three cancers diagnosed in women? This is a remarkable statistic and Oticon Inc. continues to do their part in supporting the cause to help find a cure.

Since 2007, Oticon Inc. has been running national "Hear in Pink" campaigns to help raise funds to support life-saving breast cancer research and 2016 is no different. This year, Oticon's 2016 "Hear in Pink" campaign will benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). During the months of September and October, Oticon will donate a portion of all sales of the special edition pink

It's getting rave reviews!

We have been telling you about a breakthrough technology in hearing aids, Oticon Opn. Velox™ is the extremely fast, precise signal processing platform that powers Oticon Opn™ and shifts the hearing paradigm to provide meaningful, dynamic sound experiences for listeners.

Technologies powered by Velox enable listeners to quickly locate and focus on sounds in noisy environments while still maintaining the full sound picture. Even in bustling, erratic sound environments, punctuated by multiple speakers, you will be able to quickly process sound sources and confidently participate in social interactions.

Over the past few weeks, we have fit over 50 Opn

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