Yearly Screenings Are Important

Most folks understand the importance of getting a yearly physical, a mammogram for women over 40 and bi-annual dental appointments. What people don’t seem to remember is the importance of getting yearly hearing screenings as well.

Mission 1 Million

Each year, Audiology and Hearing Aid Center strives to complete 1,000 FREE hearings screenings to our local community. We want to educate people so they understand the importance of adding this exam to their yearly health program. We are very proud to say that we surpassed our goal and tested over 1,250 people last year!

Audiologists around the nation are working together on Mission One Million! It is a collective goal to screen one million people across the US – completely FREE of charge. We know we can make a difference in improving the quality of life if we find a patient that does have a hearing loss, but we also love providing the good news to many of patients we test that their hearing is perfectly normal.

Hearing loss can affect not only your ability to communicate in large crowds and understand conversations in noisy environments, but it can cause a strain on personal relationships and job effectiveness. Hearing loss can happen to people of all ages, so it is important to get a baseline screening so you can track your hearing health as you age. We realize that if our hearing aids end up in your dresser drawer, we have not done our job!

Free Consultations

Our free hearing screenings are just a part of our free consultation. When you come to the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center for a consultation, we will begin by discussing your hearing healthcare history, experiences, needs, concerns and expectations… everyone’s situation is different! Next, we will perform the hearing screening to determine if you may be a candidate for hearing aids, or if your ears need medical attention (like an ear infection or a surgically correctable hearing loss).

If you decide that you’d like to know more about hearing aids, we will show you hearing aid style choices and explain the very different types of technology that are available and appropriate for you. We will discuss and carefully consider your hearing needs, physical limitations and your budget. We can even let you hear what hearing aids may sound like in your ears! If you’d like to give them a try, we will order hearing aids for you and you will be able to take them home and wear them in your own environment to see what a difference they make in your life. Our hearing aids are always backed up by a 30-day evaluation period.

Contact us today to schedule a free hearing screening and consultation to see what we can do to improve the quality of your life!