Getting a Free Second Opinion

Frequently, I see patients who are confused about all they hear and read about the various hearing instrument technology. Do I need Bluetooth, a remote, should the aids be rechargeable rather than having to change the batteries? What about all the new open-ear technology, which is best? Years ago, all hearing aids were analog and thus the choices were limited. With all the digital advances, there are many excellent possibilities to improve hearing.

Listen to why it is important to get a second opinion!

Recently, a patient came to see me who was very frustrated with her hearing aids. She first went to a professional who gave her so many brochures of different hearing aids; she was overwhelmed and thus did not go back. Next, she chose someone who gave her only one choice, which was not appropriate for her lifestyle or hearing. When she came to me, we discussed her needs, where she wanted to hear better and compared and tested hearing systems that met her needs.

Hearing instruments are a big investment in cost, your time and the end result of better hearing. Thus, choose the professional most qualified to provide the solutions to your unique hearing needs. Don't hesitate to obtain a second or even a third opinion. Anyone scheduling for a 2nd (or 1st) opinion, we will be happy to schedule that appointment at no charge. Your hearing is a precious gift to you and those with whom you communicate. Always obtain the best professional care for your hearing.

If you feel you need a second opinion, please take the time to come in for a complimentary screening and let us evaluate your situation. Please give us a call and we will schedule an appointment right away.

Dr. Cathy Kurth
Au.D., FAAA, Doctor of Audiology