Oticon Opn™ 3-Day Special Event

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, February 14th, 15th, and 16th!

This special event is being held at all of our Scottsdale Locations. Just call the number below for the office most convenient to you to make an appointment:

  • Miller Road - Tuesday, February 14th - Call (480) 941-0519
  • Deer Valley Road - Wednesday, February 15th - Call (480) 515-0200
  • North 91st Street/Mountain View - Thursday, February 16th - Call (480) 451-0220

When you are in a complex listening environment, it is often hard to follow conversations. Finally there is a hearing device that solves that problem. Oticon Opn™ features a revolutionary microchip that processes sound exceptionally fast and gives you access to all the sounds around you. It separates speech from noise, and allows you to focus on what you want to hear. Scienti c research shows that the chip inside Oticon Opn™ offers 30% better speech understanding* for a more natural hearing experience.

If you want to hear more about Opn from patients, please take a moment to listen to each one of these short videos. These patients are wearing Opn and they couldn't be more thrilled!

Barbara A. is thrilled with Oticon Opn. She can now continue to work as she can finally hear!
Charles was told he couldn't hear in his left ear, until he met Dr. Kurth. He has an amazing story!
Barbara R. has a new outlook on life, she can now hear the world around her!

Offer expires March 30, 2017, so give us a call today for this Special Event!
*Cannot be combined with other benefits or insurance.

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