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Take a moment to hear how this daughter raves about the service her mom received!

Dear Cathy - We just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with our recent experience under your care. We came to you for help, and you more than delivered!

As you know, I was receiving care from another company in our "other" home town. I have been wearing hearing aids for the past eight years. I had originally purchased a pair of CIC's from this company and was quite happy with them. In time however, they became more problematic and I was in line for an upgrade to the newer technology. I was then fitted with what I was told was the "best" the marketplace had to offer. They were the newest version of BTE's from Resound. I wore them for the trial period and based on all my experiences with them, I was unsure that they were in fact, the best I could do.

Upon returning to Scottsdale for the season, we decided to see if there might be other options for us here. Thank goodness we did! We made an appointment for an evaluation and from the first moment, we knew we were in for a completely different experience. Cathy was very accommodating and answered our many questions. She gave me a hearing test and offered up her best choices for me. On my first visit we left with a trial pair of the Phonak BTE's she suggested. I knew immediately they were far and way better than the other product. I could hear easily and with no effort. I had several settings I could go to for enhancement of sound. They were a dream come true!!

All of my follow-up visits were with Dr. Hatefi. She is a wonder! She was always kind, patient and very willing to do whatever she could to make sure I was happy. She adapted whatever I wanted into the programs and gave me lots of choices for my dome/earmold fitting. I always left the office feeling well cared for. We never felt anything was too much to ask. My comfort and satisfaction are paramount to them!

The front office was equally in step, and Natalie was always helpful, efficient and anxious to serve. We would not hesitate to recommend AHAC to anyone! They are consummate professionals and are excellent at delivering the best in hearing assistance!

Nancy and Steven Litvak

Dear Cathy -

I just wanted to formalize my gratitude to you and your fine staff for the outstanding service you and your company have provided to me over the past almost 20 years. I can't tell you what a difference these new Widex hearing aids have meant to me. My hearing loss is somewhat unique and with the ability to adjust 15 different frequency bands, these new units have restored my hearing to what I would call "normal" and that is a real compliment. I can't thank you enough for your caring and professional service over the years. I am thrilled for your success and the success of your company. Thanks again for making my life, and my wife, very happy!

Best regards,
Dennis M.

Dear Chris - This is a thank you for giving me back my hearing! It has been my experience that sometimes we voice our displeasure but fail to praise. Although I have told you in person, I want to say it in writing as well.

I came to your office because a volunteer job I value makes using the telephone a necessity. Over the years I had heard so many negatives about hearing aids. I was uncertain about their benefits. Also, I felt that spending so much money on myself at age 86 was quite an indulgence. Chris, you were low key, patient, reassuring, a good listener and you answered all of my questions. Now, only three weeks after getting my hearing aids, I am entirely pleased with them. They exceed my expectations; I put them in first thing in the morning and do not even notice them anymore. Understanding people on the phone is easy now, and I am enjoying this noisy, wonderful world. Already I'm able to screen out unimportant sounds, and the pleasure of hearing the rustle of leaves in the wind and the birds chattering just off my patio is fabulous.

I am most grateful for:

  • The science that makes good hearing possible
  • The professional skill and expertise of my audiologist
  • Most of all, the personal, understanding touch
Thank you, Muriel!

PS: I had decided that I was not going to announce to anyone that I had hearing aids, but I've changed my mind. It's time someone my age has good things to say about this.

Greetings - It isn't often I rave about a product or service. This is one of those times. Cathy's follow-up service has been outstanding. Whenever there's a tweak to fix, she does it in a matter of minutes. Thank you, Cathy. Thank you, Senso Plus. I feel 40 years younger.

Ed A.

About Finally Being Able to Hear

The world has opened up for Dr. Kurth's, Ivylyn, and she is thrilled.

Cathy - Last week I was in Chicago visiting with my son and his family. One night, at a very loud restaurant, I had my mini-mic on the table and was able to do a reasonable job of communicating. My 7 year old granddaughter, (with whom my communication is very limited), noticed the mini-mic and asked if she could wear it around her neck---of course, I said yes. To my utter amazement, I was able to understand virtually everything she was saying---we actually had a conversation!! She wore the mini-mic for the rest of my time there. What a great feeling to be able to talk to your granddaughter!! I'm not sure who was more excited by this---Kailyn or me!!! Thank you for helping me with my hearing---my quality of life just continues to improve!!!

Jim Palmer

Dear Cathy - I just had to tell you that buying a hearing aid is scary. You are putting things in your ears that you're not sure about, paying out more money than you want to and you have no idea whether it'll make a difference. Add vanity about how it will look and you end up being afraid to do anything.

That was me.

When Cathy Kurth suggested behind the ear aids, I was concerned and skeptical. But on the urging of my wife, I tried anyway.

One word sums up the results: incredible! I can now hear other people speak in restaurants, meetings and in large rooms. I don't miss many words in conversation or at the movies. I was worried about vanity but they are not that visible, and frankly, I don't care.

The bottom line is this: I am completely satisfied with Cathy Kurth and her people, and I am delighted my wife made me take this next step. My life has changed very much for the better, and I have Cathy Kurth to thank for it.

Kraig Marton,

You better not talk about me behind my back. I can hear you now! I was missing a lot with my old hearing aids, so I went to see Dr. Kurth and, after one appointment, she found the perfect hearing aids for my problem: behind-the-ear Widex. Advanced technology. Not horribly expensive. Adjustable to external noise, but I didn't even have to turn them down for holiday parties. What a joy to be a part of everything that it is going on!

A very happy octogenarian,
Dee Horwitz

To all at Audiology & Hearing Aid Center - I have been frustrated hearing in groups, restaurants and conversing with my wife. I would smile and nod at inappropriate times. I couldn't hear, but I was too embarrassed to ask to have anything repeated. I also found it difficult to hear movies and lectures.

Since being fit with the Phonak hearing aids, my wife no longer has to repeat herself or shout at me. I can now hear well at lectures, church and at the movies. The open-ear fit is so much more comfortable than the completely in the canal aids I previously wore. Now I can go to restaurants with friends and enjoy the conversation.

My wife says my new ears have made a big difference in our ability to communicate. I thank Cathy Kurth and the staff at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center for enabling me to hear and understand better.

Richard Fry

About Not Wanting to Wear Hearing Aids

Dr. Shaw didn't want hearing aids.....but he knew they would make a difference in his life!

I am in my early 60's and although my hearing has steadily decreased I was very hesitant to get a "hearing aid." I have had many elderly family members get a hearing aid, only to put it in the drawer because "things didn't sound right." It had become increasingly difficult to hear in group settings and I had to turn the T.V. up louder and louder. Many times I would laugh at a joke not even knowing what I was laughing at. I would only get bits and pieces of the Sunday sermon, and one of my most used words was "huh?"

I recently moved to the Phoenix area and saw many hearing aids advertised, but when I saw that the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center had audiologists on staff, that was what I wanted. A professional recommendation and follow up was very important to me. Dr. Kim Gates was very knowledgeable and after she performed the hearing evaluation, it did indicate quite a hearing loss. After taking a lifestyle survey, a hearing aid was recommended to me.

The day I received my hearing aid was filled with mixed emotions. I was anxious to hear but still was hesitant about having a "hearing aid." To my delight, it was almost impossible to see the hearing aid and I can now hear in groups, at church and the neighbors don't know what T.V. program I'm listening to. I intend on going to school next semester, and all my energy will not be put into trying to figure out what someone is saying. My family is grateful because they don't have to speak loudly to me and repeat everything. I have a whole new world in front of me and I highly recommend the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center.

Carol Anne Blackwill
Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Monica - I have had hearing loss for most of my adult life. In my career, I was handicapped in some larger meetings that I attended, until finally I realized I had to do something. I was the guy who knew what was best, but always put it off to another day. That was a mistake that I now regret.

Now that my new hearing aids, it is very apparent how much I have missed over the years. I missed the chirping of the birds outside, that alone is enough of an incentive to do the right thing, getting your hearing loss addressed.

L.C., Scottsdale

And a few quotes, directly from our
Patient Satisfaction Surveys about our service.

  • The best. Very caring - always ready to be there. I wouldn't change a thing!
  • Extremely qualified, professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with and very pleasant experience.
  • There is nothing you can improve on. Everything was excellent!
  • I went to two other hearing doctors with no help. I also went to a tinnitus specialist. He suggested I call Cathy Kurth. I was beside myself with the ringing in my ears. I am so grateful for Cathy. She never quit trying and I am so much better now!
  • You put me at ease immediately and explained things so clearly, I can't believe how much better I can hear!
  • Cathy Kurth is the best - she is thorough in her exams. She didn't try to "sell" something that is not needed. She is very caring.
  • The TLC given is excellent, especially Dr. Chris.
  • You stand behind the products you sell. Thank you!