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Dear Cathy - We just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with our recent experience under your care. We came to you for help, and you more than delivered!

As you know, I was receiving care from another company in our "other" home town. I have been wearing hearing aids for the past eight years. I had originally purchased a pair of CIC's from this company and was quite happy with them. In time, however, they became more problematic and I was in line for an upgrade to the newer technology. I was then fitted with what I was told was the "best" the marketplace had to offer. They were the newest version of BTE's from Resound. I wore them for the trial period and based on all my experiences with them, I was unsure that they were in fact, the best I could do.

Upon returning to Scottsdale for the season, we decided to see if there might be other options for us here. Thank goodness we did! We made an appointment for an evaluation and from the first moment, we knew we were in for a completely different experience. Cathy was very accommodating and answered our many questions. She gave me a hearing test and offered up her best choices for me. On my first visit, we left with a trial pair of the Phonak BTE's she suggested. I knew immediately they were far and away better than the other product. I could hear easily and with no effort. I had several settings I could go to for enhancement of sound. They were a dream come true!!

All of my follow-up visits were with Dr. Hatefi. She is a wonder! She was always kind, patient and very willing to do whatever she could to make sure I was happy. She adapted whatever I wanted into the programs and gave me lots of choices for my dome/earmold fitting. I always left the office feeling well cared for. We never felt anything was too much to ask. My comfort and satisfaction are paramount to them!

The front office was equally in step, and Natalie was always helpful, efficient and anxious to serve. We would not hesitate to recommend AHAC to anyone! They are consummate professionals and are excellent at delivering the best in hearing assistance!

Nancy and Steven Litvak

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