Importance of consulting with a Doctor of Audiology

Selecting a hearing aid and hearing aid provider can be a difficult task. If you have done any research, you have probably found that there are two licensed professionals that can sell and fit hearing aids-Hearing Aid Dispensers and Dispensing Audiologists. There is a large difference between the two. A Hearing Aid Dispenser is not required to go to have a doctorate degree. The only educational requirement is a high school diploma. An Audiologist spends 8 years in school, 4 years of undergraduate work and 4 years at accredited graduate university which concentrates on the study the human auditory system from ear to brain, diagnostic procedures, hearing aid amplification and technology. It is also interesting to note that many of the professionals developing new hearing aid technology and the professionals from the hearing aid manufacturers that train the Hearing Aid Dispensers are, in fact, Audiologists.

Re-Branded and Private Label Hearing Aids

Because Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is a private practice and not beholden to any one hearing aid manufacturer, we can provide a wide choice of options to our patients. It is important to understand that there are many “private labels” out there in the hearing aid market that make it difficult for a patient to do a fair comparison of features and pricing. For example, you may have heard advertisements for Kirkland, Miracle Ear, Beltone, etc.

What is important to know about these aids is that they are re-branded hearing instruments from other manufacturers and can only be purchased, programmed, and repaired by the offices that sell them. The problem is, you become tied to that office or franchise, for the life of the hearing aid and programming can only occur with the private label’s proprietary software.

In the case of relocation, vacation, office closure, or dissatisfaction with their service, you lose the flexibility to go to someone else as you don’t know who the manufacturer is for the hearing aids you purchased.

That is why you will only receive brands from the original manufacturer at Audiology & Hearing Aid Center. We sell a wide range of technology so we can work around any budget if a patient needs hearing aids. We have even been able to donate hearing aids to those who can’t afford to purchase them.

Internet, Mail Order and Big Box Store Hearing Aids

Hearing aids must fit correctly to work effectively. Most hearing aids that are purchased over the Internet, through mail order, or in a big box store don’t involve personal contact with a licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser or Audiologist. This makes it very difficult to get a proper fitting to ensure the hearing aid is working properly.

They may not offer follow-up care. At our center, we offer personal follow-up service so that you get the best outcome from the devices that are selected. We make sure you are comfortable with your new investment.

No Need to Overspend

At Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, we work with you to ensure you have made the right decision with your hearing health needs. We work one-on-one with you to be sure you are matched with the right hearing device for your specific hearing loss and you don’t over purchase what you don’t need. We offer several choices to find the best solution for both the level of hearing loss and the variety of difficult and noisy situations you are confronted with daily. When tested in noise at different levels, we find the technology that performs best for you in your day-to-day life as you listen to family, TV, in social settings, work and noisy restaurants.

Give us a call today to make a no-charge consult visit to try some of the new hearing aid options available and to learn more about the exciting new technology! It is time to start hearing all you are missing!