Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of hearing instruments. Widex hearing aids have helped millions of adults and children and Widex innovations have had a profound impact on the hearing aid industry. As a result of the company’s outstanding past performance since 1956, the Widex name is today synonymous with superior technological achievements.

Hearing loss is complicated. Every case is individual; every solution unique. Widex combines years of understanding with a natural curiosity in finding solutions to individual hearing loss. Their uncompromising approach to innovation has led to such advances as the world’s first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology.

Hearing aids are more than the technology inside them. Not only should they help people hear better, they should be comfortable and easy to wear. Widex concentrates just as much on design of hearing aids as on technology to create a near-natural hearing experience.

They also believe in clever solutions and that things can always be done better. Their entirely CO2-neutral headquarters in Denmark is testament to this commitment. They listen to and work closely with professionals and users alike and build on more than five decades of leading research and development in overcoming hearing loss.

Widex Products:

The WIDEX BEYOND is a made for iPhone hearing aid based on the Widex U-platform. Widex PURE-LINK, a customized 2.4 GHz wireless input handling system, allows for direct streaming of audio as well as direct control from smartphones and tablets.

More connected than any other hearing aid, WIDEX BEYOND Tri-Link Technology provides multi-connectivity to the wearer’s iPhone, t-coil and our full range of DEX communication devices.

With a customizable App allowing full streaming functionality and control over your listening environment, you are seamlessly connected anywhere and anytime.

The WIDEX UNIQUE™ hearing aid is loaded with all-new features, including improved A/D convertors for incredibly wide input range, a sound classifier for intelligent listening and the Wind Noise Attenuation system that dramatically reduces wind noise by 8.4 dB.

But the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and UNIQUE takes precision and performance to a completely new level in the way it captures, purifies and processes sound.

DREAM is the new family of remarkable hearing aids from Widex. The new DREAM440 by Widex provides more sound, more words and an experience that’s more personal than ever before.

With the DREAM440 series, sounds will seem richer, with greater depth dimension and detail. Speech will be clear through the use of our unique True-Input Technology that preserves the nuances of the human voice, while minimizing background noise in social environments.

Plus, DREAM440 is highly personal, with six different models in 14 colors. Pair that with a comfortable fit and a personalized website created for patients, and you’ll see why DREAM is a dream come true for many with hearing loss.

The DEX communication accessories from Widex keep hearing aid users connected to a whole world of sounds making it easier to connect quickly and instantly to remote controls, TVs, personal audio systems, tablets and more. Whether it is music, phone calls, TV or remote controls, there is a DEX for every situation. Available DEX accessories include: COM-DEX, CALL-DEX, UNI-DEX, TV-DEX, PHONE-DEX, FM+DEX AND RC-DEX. DEX devices are compatible with the majority of Widex wireless hearing aid families.